Why We Fight To Stop Deportation By Occupation of Die Linke Party Office in Jena

By palme43

Wednesday, May 11th

http://cleverbird.co.uk/the-allure-of-black/ Stop Deportation – Squatted Die Linke Party Office in Jena

We have just now occupied the headquarters of the left-wing Die Linke party in order to protest against the ongoing mass deportations of migrants from Thuringia!

Regularly, German police kidnap people from their homes or the detention centers where they are held, put them into busses, and bring them to Leipzig airport from where they are deported by plane. In every German city, there are such detention centers, in Jena, too. These crimes are committed in our close proximity, before our very eyes.

Today, we have occupied the headquarters of Die Linke party for two reasons. Firstly, the lefties under Ramelow have been managing the Thuringian state ever since 2014. Mass deportations of migrants, repression in prisons, police violence against antifascist protests take place under their government. Nazis demand that all migrants be expelled and Die Linke enforce it. They are politically accountable for this. Secondly, to this day, many Die Linke members claim that they’re part of an antiracist party and that they ‘advocate the rights of refugees’. They’ve got the nerve to take to the streets on April 20 with refugees welcome posters and, literally the next day, …read more

From:: Berlin

Weg mit den Grenzen: Raum für Solidarität. Bewegungsfreiheit für alle! Protestaktionen zwischen 04.06. & 06.06.2016 in Wien

Wir wurden über einen wichtigen dreitätigen Protest in Wien informiert und möchten diese Einladung gerne an euch weitergeben – und unsere Solidarität mit der bevorstehenden Aktion ausdrücken!

Link zum Event

Dreitägige Protestaktion gegen Grenzregime, Asylgesetzverschärfung, Abschiebungen und Kriege­ | 04.06.- 06.06.2016 | Marcus Omofuma Denkmal

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Anti-Abschiebe-Protest in Solidarität mit Dr. Maqsud in Jena und Apolda

By thevoicejena

Unser politischer Widerstand und unsere Solidaritätsnetzwerke können nicht standhalten, wenn wir es nicht schaffen, die Aktivist_innen unserer Community zu verteidigen.

Siehe auch den Audio-Bericht über Maqsud von Miloud Cherif aus Radio Reboot FM

Informationsveranstaltung und Diskussion im Jenaer Haus auf der Mauer, am 13. Mai 2016, um 17 Uhr.

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From:: Karawan

Protest in Solidarity with Dr. Maqsud Aghayev in Jena and Apolda

By thevoicejena

Audio Report in English on Dr. Maqsud Aghayev Persecution by the Foreign office of Apolda by Miloud Cherif on Radio Reboot FM. 6.57min.

Break Deportation Protest in Solidarity with Dr. Maqsud Aghayev in Jena and Apolda
The Centre of our political resistance and solidarity cannot hold if we are not able to defend our activists in the community.
Information event and discussion in Jena Haus Auf der Mauer: 13.05.2016 at 5pm

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From:: Karawan

LGBTI Peace Initiative Istanbul transnational solidarity call – Tuesday 10th of May 14.30 pm in front of turkish embassy

By freedomnotfrontex

LGBTI Peace Initiative Istanbul

impoliticly Kundgebung / Meeting / Eylem- Call of LGBTI Peace Initiative- Istanbul


We hereby invite you to join our solidarity action following the transnational “call for peace” from the LGBTI Peace Initiative from Istanbul.

The rally will take place next http://sargeantstudios.net/?p=167 Tuesday, 10th of May, 2.30pm in front of the

http://circleplastics.co.uk/2017/09 Turkish Embassy
Tiergartenstr. 19-21
10785 Berlin

Please join us numerously and share this call and the fb-event with your lists and contacts.

You are very welcome to contribute to the organization of the rally. If you want to read out a statement or if you want to support us in another way, don’t hesitate to write to lgbticallforpeace@gmail.com
See you on the streets.

Turkey is transforming into an AKP dictatorship. All gloves are off fighting those opposing the partys world view. For the first time the Gay Pride Parade was banned in 2015. The state attacked protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets. As the LGBTI community is under increasing pressure, the war that Turkish state has declared on the Kurdish population has intensified since Summer 2015. The politics of the AKP government with curfews and repressions are leading to death and injury, depriving thousands of persons of their homes. Activists, journalists and academics demanding peace or even …read more

From:: Berlin

Support structures for migrants in Belgrade under attack

By freedomnotfrontex

miksaliste refugee aid belgrade

Call from NoBorders Hostel collective

Comrades, read, share, resist!

URGENT:The political management of migrations on the Balkan Route has entered into yet another phase. Ever since the EU-Turkey Deal came into force at the end of March, one of its main parts was the repression targeting both the people traveling through the Balkans and the people involved with support and solidarity structures. Enormous amounts of violence was and still is being deployed at many points along the route: from the Greek islands up to Macedonia and Bulgaria. On the other hand Serbia was up until last Sunday’s parliamentary elections the only country along the Balkan Route in which people could move more or less freely and were faced with relatively little state repression. But the worrying developments of today mean that also the situation in Serbia is changing fast and to the worse.

For more than two weeks there has been a No Border Squat in Belgrade, sheltering up to 80 people against the harsh weather and giving some privacy and resting space to people who otherwise had to sleep in the parks in town. Today at 10am a group of uniformed and civil clothed police officers entered the premises and ordered …read more

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No Stress Tour – New Program

By ankaleo

“The first No-Stress-Tour” – francais en bas, deutsc weiter unten
Summer is the time when lots of things are happening in Germany, also in and around Berlin.
People profit of the sun, they become more active and open up. This offers opportunities,
particular for refugees, to think of new strategies to build up a better communal life.
For this reason CISPM and Afrique Europe Interact, international networks for emancipation and
integration of refugees, are planning a project called „No Stress Tour“, which should take place this summer from July until October.
The aim of the project is to bring refugees and other inhabitants of the city closer to each other and to provide support with regard to the current complex asylum policy.
Despite the willingness of refugees, to open up to other residents and the willingness of other citizens to reach out to refugees, we noted that there are still barriers, based on anxious
„Refugees are rapist, suicide assassins or simply undesirables and Germans are historically
radical racists“ – this opinion, which is based on individual cases and is used for the electoral game
influences the public opinion, causing despotism on one side and stress among others .
As the „No Stress Tour“ is primarily organized and planned by persons which …read more

From:: Berlin

Voices from Inside VIAL / Chios: Unaccompanied minor detained since 49 days

By momo

On the March 19, 2016, one day before the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal, Hamid* and his three friends arrived in a boat with 46 people on the shores of Chios. They where transferred to detention in VIAL. From that day on they suffer mostly from the lack of freedom and protection. They have expressed fear and anxiety due to a lack of information on their rights and growing tensions among inmates. According to the teenager many refugees in VIAL suffer severe psychological problems due to the detention conditions, the violence (also by law-enforcement officers) and the fear to be the next returned to Turkey.

„If every one gets to know about our problems in VIAL it will be good. I don’t have any one in this world. I swear. There is no one but God I can rely on.

The frist day I arrived to Turkey a taxi driver picked me up at the airport and took me to Taksim. In the car he told me to give him all my money or he would hurt me and tell the police that I am going to rub him. I was afraid, so I gave him everything I had. He …read more

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Voices from Idomeni, a talk with taysir

By freedomnotfrontex

Deutsch unten…

We have made this interview in our journey to greece arround one month ago. We talk with T. Who is living in Idomeni for 40 days. We are interested in the situation in there, resistance of the people behind the borderline and what do they expect from us.

Could you tell us how the situation here in Idomeni is?

So my feeling is that here in Idomeni we live in a zoo. We are here not human beings. Many people come here, take pictures, play with our children, and then go home and play with their own children. And we remain here, in these tents. I live now in a train wagon. We all here have only the hope that we can sleep under a roof.

How long have you been here?

So I’ve been for around 40 days here. For five years we haven’t had one good night. For five years. I have decided to do this trip, which is very dangerous, because there is no life in our country. I am from Aleppo. The whole town is now destroyed. Actually, I did not want to come to Germany, but I had to come to Europe because there is no security for …read more

From:: Berlin

Refugee Protest Camp Hannover 24.05.2014 – 27.04.2016

By freedomnotfrontex

Refugee protest camp Hannover

Fassen wir kurz zusammen: Nach 23 Monaten und 3 Tagen wurde das Refugee Protest Camp auf dem Weißekreuzplatz in Hannover von der Polizei für beendet erklärt, während auf der anderen Straßenseite grade Verhandlungen mit dem Bezirksbürgermeister über die mögliche Zukunft des Camps liefen.

Während am Dienstagabend im Kulturzentrum Pavillon besprochen wurde, unter welchen Bedingungen die Refugees nach fast 2 Jahren ohne jegliches Eingehen auf ihre Forderungen (http://www.nds-fluerat.org/…/erklaerung-des-fluechtlings-p…/) den Platz verlassen würden, schuf die Polizei als zuständige Ordnungsbehörde auf der anderen Straßenseite Fakten:
Da alle Versammlungsteilnehmer_innen sich grad im Gespräch mit dem Bezirksbürgermeister befanden und damit niemand an der Versammlung teilnahm, begann die Polizei, die Streben und Spannseile der Zelte abzubauen. Die Zelte stürzten daraufhin in sich zusammen. “So sollte auch optisch dargestellt werden, dass die Versammlung am Weißekreuzplatz beendet ist”, erklärte ein Polizeisprecher am Mittwoch das Vorgehen der Einsatzkräfte.
Der Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen spricht von einem “Zugeständnis an den Zeitgeist” in Zeiten, “in denen beinahe täglich Flüchtlingsunterkünfte oder Asylsuchende direkt angegriffen werden”.
Am Mittwoch versuchten die Refugees mit einer Sitzblockade, die Räumung des Camps und die Zerstörung der Zelte zu verhindern – die Blockade wurde von der Polizei gewaltsam geräumt.

So sieht deutsche Ordnung aus: Menschen, die 2 Jahre lang bei Wind und Wetter auf …read more

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