Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio #6 Women* Space is Everywhere!

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http://mattmcguire.ca/.com/embed/k90wesfbn3g June 12th, 5pm-10pm, Waldemarstr. 46, 10999 Berlin


3 months ago refugee and migrant women* occupied the main stage of the International Refugee Conference in Hamburg. We talked about the motivation behind this political intervention and its consequences. What is refugee women’s* role in the movement and how can we build links between feminist and refugee activism? 
We explored these and other topics on a wonderful Sunday evening with our guests Bahar from Kanal, Jennifer Kamau and Lea Höppner from IWS, La Toya Manly-Spain, Mai Shutta, Rajaa, Zari Harat & our live-audience.
The talkshow was accompanied by DJ*_ane Masta Sai
 and Amdi prepared the food. 
The evening was hosted and moderated by the team of Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio.

Our guests:
Bahar is a queer refugee activist, living on the Kanal; Berlin

Jennifer Kamau and Lea Höppner are activists from International Women Space. IWS is a group of migrant and refugee women* which came to Germany from former colonized countries as well as women* without that experience coming together to build a base and a common struggle against the effects of Fortress Europe.

LaToya Manly-Spain is a spoken word artist , human rights activist, educator, member of Schwabinggrad Ballett …read more

From:: Berlin