Kaufbeuren By freedomnotfrontex

We are born free Bino Byansi Byakuleka

loquaciously Dear Friends and Enemies,
I am very exited to announce and invite you all to the opening of Wearebornfree! Cafe` at Waldemarstr.46, 10999 Kreuzberg- Berlin on the 15th of July 2016 starting from 11am.
As far as you, since the eviction of our protest camps at Oranienplatz and the school- Ohlauerstrasse. After the fake agreements there has been no anymore platform for us to meet again in a normal way. Yet there are a lot to be done and due to the current situation of refugees in Germany and Europe as a whole requires us to rethink, use the time and space we have strategically.

The Cafe` will serve as a platform for all friends and enemies, and more especially the queer refugees, women and children. But also as strategic platform to reach those we cannot reach through street protests such as Voters, Donors/ Fundraiser, Authorities, police, Neighbors, Academies, and so on politically, socially/ culturally and economically.

There will be film screens, book readings/ spoken words, discussions, music, and radio shows as well as soup and African food some times.

The price is your presence, willingness to share and empower Wearebornfree! Cafe` programs.


Every weekend Friday to Sunday from 11am- 9pm Wearebornfree! Cafe`

Sundays from 6-9pm radio …read more

From:: Berlin