OPRE ROMA! Roma are here to stay! – radio liveshow & discussion

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picture of a demonstration by Roma families in Berlin protesting against imminent deportation

http://yesand.co.uk/author/john-brooker/page/3/ Since May Rom*nja families are protesting in Berlin against imminent deportation and for the right to stay of all Rom*nja people. On May 22nd they choose the ‘Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism’ as a symbolic place to stage their protest, since today, 80 years after the Holocaust, they are still facing structural discrimination, social and political exclusion and deportation. The ‘Association for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’ who as well is in charge of the memorial dedicated to the Sinti and Roma victims reacted swiftly and prompted the police to eject the Rom*nja families by force from the ‘Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims’.

What are the demands of the Rom*nja families in Berlin, how is the situation of the Rrom*nja in Germany and Europe and how can we campaign together in solidarity? We will discuss these topics with our guests – people of the Rom*nja families and from other Rom*nja groups in Berlin.

this event is a radio live show!
come and visit our open air studio at Waldemarstraße 46 – there will be food and live music! or listen to us on the radio:
6 – 9PM on the internet: http://www.basisradio.org/radio-metropolis …read more

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