This was my home: Statement from the solidarity squat Ορφανοτροφείο

By freedomnotfrontex

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Please help us spread the statement of people from the solidarity
squat Ορφανοτροφείο in regards to the eviction of our squat in
Thessaloniki last week. Police raided and evicted the house in the early
hours of Wednesday arrested the people and afterwards transported all
non-European comrades to a military camp 45 minutes outside of the city,
meanwhile 4 European comrades are faced with a trial tomorrow.

This was my home

This was home for me and my children And for thirty more families
and many other people. We were living like one family, and we came from
all over the world It was our school, it was our culture. It embraced
our different opinions and beliefs. It was the real helping hand for
everyone. Freedom of speech and expression existed there in the full
sense of the term.

The main aim of this place was to bring together and unite all human
ideas and practices in order to serve the weak and the oppressed and
support the dispossessed. And just when we thought we were at last safe,
that we were in the right place, European governments that claim to
support justice and equality and not sectarianism and authoritarianism
and that allegedly stand for freedom and democracy decided that we don’t
deserve to live in peace. They decided we …read more

From:: Berlin