Invitation: MRIYR – Carnival and Conference 2017

By palme43


Please Spread the invitation!

Dear Friends,

MRIYR would like to invite our all supporters on 14th September to
plan our actions for the next year. We’ll meet at 7pm at Schaubühne
Cafeteria and then we’ll go to the meeting room. If you come late ask at
the Cafeteria. (*Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. Kurfürstendamm 153, 10709

In 2017 we want to organize a demonstration/Carnival & The International
Refugees and Migrants Conference (Which took place last february in
Hamburg). Both with the agenda to improve the living situation of
refugees and migrants.

On Wednesday 14th September we want to plan
1) the strategy to get our demands and
2) to plan/structure our actions for 2017

Living situation in Refugee Camps is getting worse. Private service
provider companies don’t care about anything and they deal the people in
many discriminative ways. In many of the Heims refugees don’t receive
money for the food because Heim service provides them food and companies
get paid for it. Many refugees suffer this situation and they are unable
to cook / eat what they want. Why people have to live in the Heims in
such a poor situation?
Why Refugee Camps don’t allow the media inside ? Which restrictions they
impose on Refugee who live in the Camps? Why they don’t give the
internet access to refugees and help …read more

From:: Berlin