This was not an accident!

They died because of Europe’s cruel deterrence and detention regime!

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Yesterday, on Sunday 29 September 2019, a fire broke out in the so-called hotspot of Moria on Lesvos Island in Greece. A woman and probably also a child lost their lives in the fire and it remains unclear how many others were injured. Many people lost all their small belongings, including identity documents, in the fire. The people imprisoned on Lesvos have fled wars and conflicts and now experience violence within Europe. Many were re-traumatised by these tragic events and some escaped and spent the night in the forest, scared to death.


Over the past weeks, we had to witness two more deaths in the hotspot of Moria: In August a 15-year-old Afghan minor was killed during a violent fight among minors inside the so-called “safe space” of the camp. On September 24, a 5-year-old boy lost his life when he was run-over by a truck in front of the gate.


The fire yesterday was no surprise and no accident. It is not the first, and it will not be the last. The hotspot burned already several times, most tragically in November 2016 when large parts burned down. Europe’s cruel regime of deterrence and detention has now killed again.


In the meantime, in the media, a story was immediately invented, saying that the refugees themselves set the camp on fire. It was also stated that they blocked the fire brigade from entering. We have spoken to many people who witnessed the events directly. They tell us a very different story: In fact, the fire broke out most probably due to an electricity short circuit. The fire brigade arrived very late, which is no surprise given the overcrowdedness of this monstrous hotspot. Despite its official capacity for 3,000 people, it now detains at least 12,500 people who suffer there in horrible living conditions. On mobile phone videos taken by the prisoners of the camp, one can see how in this chaos, inhabitants and the fire brigade tried their best together to at least prevent an even bigger catastrophe.


There simply cannot be a functioning emergency plan in a camp that has exceeded its capacity four times. When several containers burned in a huge fire that generated a lot of smoke, the imprisoned who were locked in the closed sector of the camp started in panic to try to break the doors. The only response the authorities had, was to immediately bring police to shoot tear-gas at them, which created an even more toxic smoke.


Anger and grief about all these senseless deaths and injuries added to the already explosive atmosphere in Moria where thousands have suffered while waiting too long for any change in their lives. Those who criminalise and condemn this outcry in form of a riot of the people of Moria cannot even imagine the sheer inhumanity they experience daily. The real violence is the camp itself, conditions that are the result of the EU border regime’s desire for deterrence.


We raise our voices in solidarity with the people of Moria and demand once again: The only possibility to end this suffering and dying is to open the islands and to have freedom of movement for everybody. Those who arrive on the islands have to continue their journeys to hopefully find a place of safety and dignity elsewhere. We demand ferries to transfer the exhausted and re-traumatised people immediately to the Greek mainland. We need ferries not Frontex. We need open borders, so that everyone can continue to move on, even beyond Greece. Those who escape the islands should not be imprisoned once more in camps in mainland Greece, with conditions that are the same as the ones here on the islands.


Close down Moria! 

Open the islands!

Freedom of Movement for everyone!


Welcome to Europe –

WatchTheMed Alarm Phone –

Mare Liberum –


28.09.2019, Lesvos: melody and rhythm of freedom for all

On Saturday 28 of September 2019 we organized a small Concert in an old Olive Factory on the road to Panagiouda, close to the refugee camp of Moria. The Event lasted from 16 to 23 o clock. We had an exhibition of 10 years w2eu in Lesvos. 10 years of solidarity and struggles for freedom of movement. The Movies from the night before where screened again in den small Room. In the main Room played Live Music with Renovatio, Kashef, No Tunes, Musikarama, RAD featuring Shajan, Hot Band and many more. One day they before the Concert we went to Moria with Music activity to invite all the children and the adults to the Concert. Finally we where surprised to see so many families with their children to followed our invitation to the Event.

Our hope for Saturday was to come together in solidarity, people from inside and outside of Moria so called “Hot Spot”, and celebrate continuity and stubbornness we have learned together in these migrant struggles.

Finally the Event exceeded our expectations without comparison.

In the following days, more movies and pictures will be added to this post, so keep looking for more.

Open screening of refugee video makers 27th of September 2019

In the evening of 27th of September, an open event took place in the city of Mytilini, with short-movies about the hot-spot prisons of Lesvos and Samos – but also about reasons to flee and about daily experiences of discrimination. So many people came to see the screening that the place was finally so overcrowded that it was difficult for everybody to fit in.

The film-makers commented on their own movies. It was the first time they did a screening of their work all together and it brought together movies from different islands and time-periods. There will be a second chance to see the movies. Tonight they will be shown during the festival “melody and the rhythm of freedom for all“ in the old olive factory near to Panagiouda at the sea side.

You can find once more the full program of the video-screening here:

And here the invitation for today’s festival when the film-screening will come together with a music event of various musicians from near and far:

All together we had passed already an amazing day in the informal part of the hot-spot camp of Moria, playing music and documenting in the same time.

Here you can find the work of the video-makers online, so you can get an imagination of their work, in case you are far away:

We sing for Freedom in all of our Languages

The olive-grove besides Moria hot pot is huge. More the 13.000 people stuck are under horrible conditions inside and outside the monstrous hot spot prison Moria. In the olive grove, the informal camp behind the official one, the tents with plastic-covers grew to an own village. With several self-constructed bakeries, street vendors selling vegetables and other stuff along the main street, barbers and various other small businesses… Everywhere dust and the smell of wet clothes, electricity cables, paletts of wood,. Overcrowded and hard to imagine and to describe, if you did not see and smell and feel it live. Everywhere children in all ages. Most of their time people spend cueing for food, water, showers, toilets, clothes – and waiting and hoping for a chance to get a transfer to the mainland to finally continue their journey.

And then there is the sound of music. Appearing first in one corner within the tents. Then in the next and in the next… Small groups walk up the hill, mixed teams of musicians and people making connections and chatting in various languages. Many among us who crossed this rocky path before three years, before 10 years – remembering and feeling shared pain with the ones now here. Moving among the tents; through the tiny roads jumping over ropes. Stopping, being invited for tea. Meeting friends from the days before and meeting relatives. And then starting to play, to bring people together. We want to share this moment in which you can just forget for some minutes this whole shit. In teams as mixed as our group to show that solidarity has no borders.

The kids understand it immediately: “You know `hurriya´? No Moria – we want hurriya, freedom,” is what a small boy says when we walk a while together. A family father tells us how important it is to see the different communities dancing together, while only yesterday he saw a fight in front of his tent. An afghan lady, grandmother of a family here with three generations expresses her joy: “My heart is growing in this moment of joy to see all of you together and to hear this music. It is becoming big enough to go on and to know I can reach everywhere.”

The idea for this music-flashmob around the hot-spot of Moria was born with the restless question how to act under these conditions when the islands became big prisons and no form of protest seems strong enough to change it. Even when Moria burnt down several times, even after hundreds of protests, the islands were still kept closed. Governments changed, but freedom of movement for everyone never was considered an option. Instead the infamous “EU-Turkey ´Deal´ built more walls, enforced more deportations. Back under a right-wing government, nowadays things get even worse. We have seen revolt after revolt – and also a lot of violence among the people when the pressure on the people held under inhuman conditions was so much that daily problems could cause huge conflicts.

When musicians and friends finally gather all on the top of the hill, the crowd dances together and then starts to move. We walk down the hill, singing songs and playing rhythms about freedom in all of our languages. There is a moment when the beat starts growing, we reduce the speed. The sleeping anger and the desperation are too strong and we feel it is not the right moment to get louder. But we can all feel it, this sleeping lion of anger and the natural strive for freedom to break the chains, that is as old as oppression exists.

We invite everybody we meet to come together for a festival the next day. Because today we will continue. We will break isolation and come together for a festival in the old olive factory near Panagiouda, a spot between Moria and the camp “Kara Tepe”. We will continue to share our thoughts and dreams and tell each other stories about these struggles – and we will dance to the rhythms for freedom for all to make our hearts strong enough to go on until freedom of movement is everybody’s right.

In the afternoon we sit together and share some thoughts and feelings about the day:

“First I went to visit my aunt and when I saw her together with her family stuck in these miserable condition it was a shock for me. I wanted so much to get my relatives out of there or at least improve their situation there. Many of us have family members and friends in the camp in Lesvos. And then I looked around and saw all the others, in even worse conditions because they had no one to visit them – and in this moment I felt so powerless and scattered. It feels so huge the problem.”

“When I went up the hill of Moria-camp I was remembering so much the time when I had been arriving and was stuck in Samos. My mind was full of memories – also of so many bad moments. And I could really feel the people. And I told them: ´I am one of you, just some steps further.´”

“I saw the camps on the Aegean islands the first time when I was working as a translator as I arrived from the land. Working for this organisation inside a hot spot, it was forbidden for us to be in contact with the people – even to say hello on the street. And now this was the first time to be able to talk and to just behave like normal human beings with each other – a relieving experience.”

“I was playing music for many times in camps on the greek mainland. Again and again it is shocking that I am often the first greek person the people meet and speak to. It feels like a huge hug when people in poorest conditions invite you to sit with them. I felt this here again.”

“My first experience of the day was to be forced to queue again like in the past when waiting for my permit to leave the island by boat from EASO – which is one of the crazy ways to try to control us. Even when we are allowed to travel, with our asylum seeker cards they put us again in this dehumanising situation of queuing and feeling powerless, just waiting for being accepted or denied. I thought I give a shit on your decisions, in the worst case I will just stay with the people. And then we started playing music. And I forgot all this horror immediately. It was the first time when I was not only playing music but also singing in Farsi since I arrived in Greece in 2016. I think I did it because it felt so normal at this shared moment. Not like a music-show, but I was singing with my people, my family.”

“The moments of music we shared are a message by themselves. A message of freedom. But we need to move on more steps, come back and do it again, so that the moment of freedom turns into a condition of freedom, where the imagination overcomes the repression and one can dream and hope again.”


vom Roma Antidiskrimination Network


Mit der Verlesung der Anklage begann gestern der Prozess gegen Marias Angreiferin. Der Staatsanwalt äußerte, die Angreiferin habe mit ihrem Verhalten in Kauf genommen, dass Maria und ihre Verwandten sterben.
Die Angeklagte wollte sich nicht äußern und ihr Anwalt hat in ihrem Namen eine Erklärung vorgelesen.

In ihrer Aussage schilderte Maria die Situation in der U-Bahn, in der sie sich mit ihrem Mann und ihrem Schwager unterhielt, als sie von einer weißen deutschen Frau angegriffen wurde. Zunächst wurden die drei als „scheiß Zigeuner“ bezeichnet und dann körperlich angegriffen. Die Angreiferin zog ein Messer und fügte Maria und ihrem Schwager schwere Schnittwunden zu. Maria wehrte sich und versuchte ihren schwer kranken Mann zu schützen. Sie blutete stark und rief mehrmals: „Hilfe! Hilfe!“ Niemand bewegte sich. Erst als Maria die Frau am Arm festhielt, damit diese nicht weiter einstechen konnte, und weiter um Hilfe rief, kamen Zeugen zur Hilfe. Erst dann konnte die Frau überwältigt werden.

Als die Bahn hielt und sich das Geschehen auf den Bahnsteig verlagerte, wurden Maria und ihre Verwandten für die Angreifenden gehalten. Erst als Maria ihren blutenden Hals zeigte, entschuldigten sich die Leute.
Ein Zeuge sagte aus, die Angreiferin habe ihn mit dem Satz bedroht: „Weißt du, was mein Mann mit dir macht?!“ Nach seiner Aussage hat Maria sich bei dem Mann bedankt, dass sie noch am Leben ist.
Marias Schwager ist aus Rumänien angereist, um seine Aussage zu machen. Außerdem hat die Frau des Helfers ausgesagt. Weitere Zeugenaussagen sollen folgen. Eine Kriminalbeamtin soll aussagen, ist jedoch bis auf weiteres erkrankt.

Maria hatte nach der Tat monatelang Schmerzen und hat nach wie vor Angst. Auch ihr Mann hat Angst um seine Frau. Maria ist für ihre Familie diejenige, die sich um alle und alles kümmert. Durch die Tat ist es nun noch viel schwerer geworden, für ihren schwer kranken Mann und ihre Familie zu sorgen. Sie braucht jede Unterstützung – moralisch und finanziell.

Am 26.9. geht der Prozess weiter. Kommt um 9:30 Uhr zum Kriminalgericht Moabit, Turmstraße 91 in Berlin, um die Familie zu unterstützen!

Roma Antidiscrimination Network

Sie können Maria und ihre Familie unterstützen:
Verwendungszweck: Klage M. Berlin
Roma Center Berlin
IBAN: DE11 2605 0001 0056 0575 40

“The sea should know this.”

Memorial in Korakas – 24.September 2019

Foto: Marily Stroux

When we walk down to Korakas’ lighthouse the sky is cloudy. Already from up you can see the colours of life-vests, probably from the last landings tonight and yesterday. We find leftovers that create a feeling as if there are still many more people with us. Those who continued to go towards their destinations and those whose journey ended here and their voices were silenced by the sea. Tonight 335 newcomers on nine boats arrived safely on the island – seven of the boats here in the north, with many very small children on them, picked one by one by the friends who are constantly here assisting in rescues and landings.

Together we renew the memorial we had set up here 9 years ago when we came with little Marila and her parents in October 2010. We remembered together with them the night on 27 October 2009, when they had been on a boat together with Afghan women, their small children and some minors. Short before landing at Korakas, the boat turned over and all people fell in the sea. Yalda (8), Neda (10), Mehdi (4), Zakia, Tsima, Sonia (6), Abdulfasl (3) and Zomaya lost their lives. The baby Marila and her parents were rescued by Stratis, a brave fishermen who jumped into the water to save them. One year later they came together to meet again. And we put this memorial on the lighthouse to commemorate.

Foto: Marily Stroux

Now we came back – most of us not the first time since 2010. So the air is also full of memories of the time in between, in 2015 and 2016 when so many people climbed up this road and went on to reach other places in Europe. Also Marila and her family finally arrived in Sweden.

We renewed the memorial, where the names within 9 years in the hot summer sun and the sea-salt had nearly become invisible to bring them back into the memories. We then read out a text of Khaled Hosseini, a letter of a father to his son. He wrote it after the picture of small Alan Kurdi went around the world on 2nd of September 2015. He dedicated it to all the families torn apart when forced to flee and to all those who lost their lives at sea.

While we are down in Korakas we receive the news about a 5-year-old afghan boy, who just died being run-over by a truck in front of Moria, when he played inside a cardboard. Only a few days after authorities have shut down the kindergarden of “teamhumanity” were hundreds of children had played safely before.

Foto: Ehab

Later on when we speak about our impressions of the day, Ehab remembers his own trip when he went to the island of Samos:

“When we entered the boat, we thought we are all alone and no one thinks of us. Nobody knows that we face the danger of death. I realised in this moment when we stand all together there in Korakas in all our sadness that this was not true. There are people who care. This is maybe the moment in which you feel that there is humanity. We have never been alone.”

Mojtaba adds:

“When I went down to the shore, I started to pick up the leftovers of those who arrived recently. I found an asylum seekers card of a child in Turkey. And when I picked it from the ground I had the feeling as if I would destroy somehow a museum. As if it has to stay there because it belongs to a documentation of what was and the next person should find it there to understand. In this place down there, immediately you can feel the people, it seems you can see them in front of you and hear them how they talk. You can feel the continuity of all this and that people will continue to be on the move. You can feel them all as if they are with you. These memorials are a very strong part of this struggle not to forget.”

Foto: Marily Stroux
Foto: Marily Stroux
Foto: Marily Stroux
Foto: Marily Stroux
Foto: Marily Stroux


Refugee squats in centre of Athens under attack by new government while thousands housed in state-run camps are dumped in tents and containers under inhuman conditions

NO PASARAN! Against state repression. Solidarity to the squats.

In a wave of sweep-operations against refugees and migrants the new right-wing government of Nea Dimokratia (of July 7th) within the last month has evicted five refugee squats and announced more will follow. Meanwhile, nothing is done to improve reception conditions in the official camps – in contrary things get worse. The state literally denies dignified housing and integration to thousands of refugees and their kids. New camps built; old camps re-opened or expanded; more tents set up… this is how the state deals with protection seekers. Not to mention, the undocumented who are threatened by arrest, detention and deportation. 

“They are trying to bury us but they forget that we are seeds, that we are more than just a number, more than an occupied building, we are a community.”

5th school
copyright: Marios Lolos

On 23 September, 143 refugees and migrants were evicted from 5th school in Exarchia. During the sweep operation Photoreporter Alexandros Stamatiou got arrested for “breach of domestic peace” during his professional news coverage, as the Greek Union of Photoreporters denounced, “a fact that does not remind anymore of a democracy”. The raid in the building housing many families with kids was based on a complaint filed in 2016 by neo-Nazi and former parliamentarian I. Kassidiaris from Golden Dawn, as EFSYN newspaper uncovered.

“It was this that triggered the prosecutor’s intervention and the recent sweep operation during which nothing was found. As it turns out, the “law and order” doctrine even takes advantage of the neo-Nazis’ racist actions.”


The Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers (B-ELME) denounced the violent sweep and the arrest of the photoreporter. As they state, many of the 56 kids residing in the 5th school squat had been visiting public schools in the neighbourhood of Exarchia and have now been once again uprooted and out of the educational system since their transfer to distant refugee camps. According to the Federation, the 5th school was closed and left empty for some years by earlier governments, until being turned into a refugee housing space, after the fusion with another school – a procedure which in the year 2013 led to the closure of three schools alone in this area.

“The State must provide decent living conditions within the urban centres for refugees and migrants, the vast majority of whom are victims of imperialist wars, with equal access to health and education. Children – without any exception – have the right to education in public schools. We are opposed to the long-term entrapment of thousands of people who were forced to get uprooted from their countries, through the flagrant EU Turkey “Deal”. We are opposed to the totally unacceptable living conditions in the hot spots on the islands and in the camps in mainland Greece. The “law and order” that the new government is trying to impose on human souls, trampling on labor and trade union rights, is targeting universal human values ​​and achievements.”

Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers (B-ELME)

Also the parents association of 35th and 36th primary schools publicly demanded their kid’s school mates back.

“In recent days, buildings in downtown Athens have been evacuated where refugees had found shelter, waiting for what law, what government, what bureaucracy will proceed their asylum procedures. Their children were enrolled in the schools of downtown Athens, trying to integrate, learn the language, make their lives a normal one even under these conditions. But while it is the state that should ensure that all children are enrolled and attending school, while having ratified the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is the state that most violently deprives them of their rights, it pushes them to the margins, it does not respect their fundamental rights, it does not respect their existence. Because the school year has begun and children are removed from their schools without any notice, without even registering them and transferring them to other schools.

We want our children’s classmates back. Because it is the obligation of all of us to finally ensure a safe environment for them. Thanks to them many of the city center’s schools were actually not closed. Because political games cannot be played on the backs of children and oppressed people!”

Parents Association of 35th and 36th primary schools

On 19 September already 269 people (46 families) had been evicted from the two refugee squats Jasmin School (also known as 2ndschool) and Acharnon22. These raids followed earlier evictions of Spirou Trikoupi 15 and 17 on 26 August where in total another 143 people had been residing. Following the raids, the former “homes” got sealed up with barbed wire; windows and doors locked with bricks and cement and people taken away from their neighbourhoods.

Mostly families with kids but also many homeless single men fleeing from war and conflict areas to Europe to find safety, have been attacked during these raids and were taken away their homes and communities. Protection seekers already traumatised found themselves in early morning hours waking up by the shouting and threats of armed special forces, the massive police presence invading their temporary “homes” supposingly in order to “combat drug trade and lawlessness” – as government and mainstream media propaganda frame it. Refugees and migrants were transferred first to Petrou Ralli Aliens Police Directorate for hours of control. The ones with papers from Trikoupi Squats were temporarily transferred to an empty building, to Schisto camp and then spread to different camps. In Schisto they stayed outside in small tents for days. In Eleonas eight persons shared one room in a container “piled up like animals in a farm”.  Many rejected a transfer to distant camps such as Katsikas in the Northern Greece or Koutsochero near Larissa (also to Eleonas, Skaramangas, Thiva and Lavrio) and are homeless again today. The ones from Jasmin school and Acharnon22 were brought to the newly established state-run tent camp in Corinth from where they will be reportedly divided likewise the others to other camps all over mainland Greece.

People transferred to Corinth reported of miserable conditions as they were placed on a dusty field with 16 rub halls (big tents). Some already returned back to Athens, as they couldn’t follow their daily lives from such distance, with their kids being subscribed in downtown schools, medical cases being followed by doctors in the capital, people having found jobs there and legal cases being proceeded in Athens asylum service and the diverse embassies located in the city. Also residents of 5thschool residents were brought to Corinth. The undocumented from all squats were arrested and brought to the pre-removal detention centre Amygdaleza. (10 from Trikoupi Squats, 14 from Yasmin and Acharnon 22 while two families and 19 persons from 5th school remained in Petrou Ralli for their papers – information by 24. September) Reportedly, some of the detainees in Amygdaleza started a hunger strike.

„Most of us had to move to places around Thessaloniki, over 400 km from here. We don’t want to do that. They are playing with us. They have evicted us from our house and they have destroyed it, but they will not also take away the life we have managed to create here in Athens. Our children are going to the school in Exarcheia and we refuse to make them leave it and have to adapt to a new place once again. We want to stay here. We answered them that we will not go anywhere against our will. We keep strong.“

Trikoupi 17
Protest against the evictions of squats in Exarchia

“We are scared about our lives and our freedom and some of us have chosen to stay on the streets to avoid being chased and arrested one more time. They have tried to divide and separate us, but we continue to struggle together. They destroyed our home, but the family that we have created in Trikoupi’s community remains united. Against their repression, solidarity is our weapon!“

Trikoupi 17
Ideas cannot be evicted!

The governments attacks against refugee squats have to be understood in the broader frame of a (re-)introduced anti-migratory policy, increasing police repression, institutionalised racism and right wing populism which is used against any from of solidarity.  

With more than 29.000 refugees and migrants trapped in the Aegean Islands, of which 12.000 alone try to survive currently in the hell of hotspot Moria / Lesvos and a 5-year-old boy just lost his life there while playing in a carton box (24. September)…

With 5.000 who could actually officially leave the islands but have nowhere to go…

With more than 88.000 refugees and migrants currently stuck in Greece most of which are dumped in overcrowded camps far from local society and under squalid conditions… 

The focus of the state is to impose “law and order” in a hypocritical fight against “crime and lawlessness” while actually sacrificing what has been hardly achieved: peoples’ freedom, dignity and respect.

We denounce the attacks on refugee squats in Exarchia and elsewhere! No Pasaran! Solidarity will win!

Employ teachers, not police officers! 

Close the camps! Open homes!

For freedom of movement of all and the right to stay! 


W2eu / infomobile greece

For further information read following statements:

Press Release of the Greek Refugee Council (GCR) (in Greek)

Μελωδία και ρυθμός ελευθερίας για όλες και όλους

μικρή συναυλία και μουσικές δραστηριότητες μνήμης με το Welcome to Europe

Θέλουμε να κοιτάξουμε πίσω στους μεταναστευτικούς αγώνες του παρελθόντος, αλλά και να αντιμετωπίσουμε την σημερινή πραγματικότητα στα νησιά. Την πραγματικότητα μιας οργανωμένης μόνιμης κρίσης με hot-spots, όπως η Μόρια, φτιαγμένα για να αποτρέπουν ανθρώπους και να σπάνε τη θέλησή τους να μετακινηθούν ελεύθερα –όμως οι άνθρωποι συνεχίζουν να μετακινούνται. 10 χρόνια μετά το Noborder ’09 στη Λέσβο θέλουμε να γιορτάσουμε την επιμομή και το πείσμα που μάθαμε μαζί σε αυτούς τους μεταναστευτικούς αγώνες.

Οι θάνατοι στη Μόρια και στα camps της ηπειρωτικής Ελλάδας μένουν στην αφάνεια. Θέλουμε να μνημονεύσουμε αυτούς που έχασαν τις ζωές τους και να ανανεώσουμε την υπόσχεσή μας να συνεχίσουμε την προσπάθεια μας να καταργήσουμε αυτά τα θανατηφόρα σύνορα που μας χωρίζουν.

  • 27.09.19 – ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ
    Ώρα: περίπου 20:00 / Μυτιλήνη (προσεχώς η ακριβής τοποθεσία)
    Ανοιχτή προβολή μικρού μήκους ταινιών, γυρισμένων από προσφυγες σχετικά με τις φυλακές των hotspot σε Λέσβο και Σάμο. Θα ακολουθήσει συζήτηση
  • 28.09.10 – ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ
    Ώρα: 16:00 / Μέρος: Ελαιοτριβείο Παναγιούδα
    “η μελωδία και ο ρυθμός της ελευθερίας για όλες και όλους”
    – Φεστιβάλ με μουσική (ανοιχτό μικρόφωνο για μουσικούς και συναυλίες με μελωδίες και ρυθμούς απο διαφορετικά μέρη), μεταξύ άλλων: musikarama, no tunes, rennovatio, kashef feat. boza tracks
    -Εκθέσεις και προβολές βίντεο προηγούμενων αγώνων στη Λέσβο και σύντομες ομιλίες φίλων που συμμετείχαν σε παλαιότερους αγώνες. Τοπικές ομάδες συντρόφων είναι ευπρόσδεκτες να φέρουν τα υλικά τους.
  • 29.09.10 – ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ
    Ώρα: 12:00 / Μέρος: Θέρμη, στο λιμάνι
    Μνημείο για τους νεκρούς: Πριν 6 χρόνια χτίσαμε στη Θέρμη το μνημείο για τους νεκρούς στα ευρωπαϊκά σύνορα. Φασίστες το κατέστρεψαν δύο φορές. Κατά τη διάρκεια της τελετής θα τιμήσουμε τους νεκρούς στα σύνορα και στα hotspot μαζί με επιζήσαντες και συγγενείς.

melody and rhythm of freedom for all

small concert and musical activities in memory with welcome to europe

We would like to look back on migrant struggles and we want to face the reality today on the island. A reality of an organized permanent crisis, with the hot-spots like Moria made to deter people and break their will to move freely – but people continue moving. 10 years after Noborder ‘09 on Lesvos we want to celebrate continuity and stubbornness we have learned together in these migrant struggles.

The deaths in Moria and the camps on the mainland Greece are kept in silence. We want to commemorate those who died and to renew the promise to continue in our try to tear down these deadly borders that separate us.

27.09.19 – FRIDAY
Time: around 20:00 / Mytilini city (exact place to be announced)
Open screening of refugee video makers short-movies about the hotspot prisons of Lesvos and Samos followed by a discussion.

28.09.19 – SATURDAY
Time: 16:00 / Place: Olive fabric Panagiouda
“the melody and the rythm of freedom for all“
– Festival with music (open mic for local musicians and concerts with melodies and rhymes from different places), among them: musikarama, no tunes, rennovatio, kashef feat. boza tracks
– exhibitions and screenings of video-clips of former struggles on Lesvos and short speeches of friends who had struggled on this island before. Local groups of comrades are invited to share their materials.

29.09.19 – SUNDAY
Time: 12:00 / Place: Thermi, seaside at the port
Memorial for the dead: In Thermi we built 6 years ago the memorial for the dead at the European borders. Fascist destroyed it twice. During the activist ceremony we will commemorate the dead of the borders and the hot spot system together with survivors and relatives.

Lost at Border

A documentation of 10 years collective experiences in building Memorials to commemorate the people who lost their lives trying to reach Europe, seeking a life in peace and hoping to find safety.

We want to give back a piece of dignity, to those who died – right here – into the senselessness of the European borders – and we want to thank those who risk their lives to rescue.

All of these dead people have a face, a name. All of them leave behind relatives and friends. Besides the bodies also their hopes and dreams are lost.“

17 Seenotfälle in 5 Tagen – Sea-Watch: Kaum Hoffnung in EU-Gipfel auf Malta

Sea-Watch Luftaufklärungsmission im Dauereinsatz: Mindestens 17 Notfälle mit über 750 Schiffbrüchigen binnen fünf Tagen 17 Seenotfälle registrierte unsere Luftaufklärungsmission allein in den letzten fünf Tagen. Während einige Boote in Seenot vom Rettungsschiff Ocean Viking der Organisationen Ärzte ohne Grenzen und SOS Mediterranee gerettet wurden, konnten jedoch auch mindestens 3 Fälle dokumentiert werden, in denen die…

Der Beitrag 17 Seenotfälle in 5 Tagen – Sea-Watch: Kaum Hoffnung in EU-Gipfel auf Malta erschien zuerst auf Sea-Watch e.V..

17 Seenotfälle in 5 Tagen – Sea-Watch: Kaum Hoffnung in EU-Gipfel auf Malta

Sea-Watch Luftaufklärungsmission im Dauereinsatz: Mindestens 17 Notfälle mit über 750 Schiffbrüchigen binnen fünf Tagen 17 Seenotfälle registrierte unsere Luftaufklärungsmission allein in den letzten fünf Tagen. Während einige Boote in Seenot vom Rettungsschiff Ocean Viking der Organisationen Ärzte ohne Grenzen und SOS Mediterranee gerettet wurden, konnten jedoch auch mindestens 3 Fälle dokumentiert werden, in denen die…

Der Beitrag 17 Seenotfälle in 5 Tagen – Sea-Watch: Kaum Hoffnung in EU-Gipfel auf Malta erschien zuerst auf Sea-Watch e.V..

28.09. 10 Jahre – Das muss gefeiert werden! // 28/09 10 ans – ça se fête! // Sept. 28th 10 years have to be celebrated!

– francais en bas – english below –

10 Jahre – Das muss gefeiert werden!

Im Jahr 2009 haben wir unseren unerbittlichen Kampf gegen Rassismus und andere Formen der Diskriminierung begonnen. Wir haben gegen das Gutschein-System, die neuen Asylgesetze, Abschiebungen, die Residenzpflicht, die Schikanen der Ausländerbehörde, und vieles mehr gekämpft.Wir haben auch Flüchtlinge und Aktivisten informiert, sensibilisiert, beraten und unterstützt.Wir haben viel gelacht, aber auch geweint, wir haben selten geschwiegen, wir haben immer eine Meinung geäußert, wir haben oft diskutiert und manchmal haben wir gestritten und 10 Jahre später sind wir immer noch hier, um den Kampf fortzusetzen.All dies war nur möglich dank der vielen Aktivist*innen, die ihre Kraft in die Kämpfe von Corasol einbrachten, sowie dank der Menschen, die unsere Arbeit von weit oder nah solidarisch unterstützten. Und es ist mit euch, dass wir die letzten Jahre und die vielen kommenden Jahre feiern wollen, und zwar am *Samstag, 28. September 2019*.Während sich der Tag auf den Inhalt unserer Kämpfe mit Workshops und einer Diskussion konzentriert, geht es am Abend um ein gemütliches Miteinander bei Essen, Musik und Tanz!
Tagsüber in der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (Franz-Mehring-Platz 1):

12:00 Empfang mit Tee und Kaffee

13:00 Einleitung und Vorstellung von Corasols Arbeit diese letzten 10 Jahre

14:00 3 Workshops, zur Auswahl:

a) Women* in Exile: Frauen* in den antirassistischen Kämpfen

b) Reach Out: Empowerment-Techniken gegen Rassismus

c) Sudan Uprising: Austausch über die Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten von progressiven Bewegungen im Herkunftsland von Deutschland aus

15:00-15:15 Pause

15:30 Zusammenfassung der Workshops

16:00 Podiumsdiskussion mit mehreren antirassistischen Gruppen über ihre Erfolge

Abends in der K19 (Kreuziger Str. 19):Die Küfa wird ab 19:00 mit den Reggae-Afroblues-Beats von DJ Kef serviert.Ab 21:00 live Musik mit:- Luk & Truk (queerfeministische Liedermacher*in mit Loop-Station und Akkordeon)- Hichem (Hip-Hop, Freestyle)- Yasmin (Rap)Und DJ*s:- Douala Mboma (Afrobeats)- und Überraschung


10 ans – ça se fête!
En 2009 nous avons commencé notre combat acharné contre le racisme et d’autres formes de discriminations. Nous avons lutté contre le systeme du Gutschein, les nouvelles lois de l´asile, les deportations, la Residenzpflicht, les tracasseries des Ausländerbehörde, etc.Nous avons aussi informé, sensibilisé, conseillé et soutenu les personnes refugiées et les activistes.Nous avons beaucoup ri mais aussi pleuré, nous avons rarement gardé le silence, toujours nous avons donné de la voix, nous avons souvent discuté et parfois nous nous sommes disputé.e.s et 10 ans après nous sommes toujours là à continuer le combat.Tout cela n´a été possible que grace aux nombreuses.eux activistes qui ont apporté leur force aux luttes de corasol ainsi qu aux personnes qui de loin ou de près ont soutenues solidairement notre travail. Et c´est avec vous que nous voulons feté les années passées ainisi que les nombreuses années à venir, *le samedi 28 septembre 2019*.Alors que la journée sera concentré sur le contenu de nos luttes avec des workshops et une discussion, la soirée sera sous le signe de la détente avec un repas et de la danse!
En journée, à la Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (Franz-Mehring-Platz 1):

12 h accueil avec thé et café

13 h introduction et présentation de Corasol ces dix dernières années

14 h 3 ateliers au choix:

a) Women* in Exile: les femmes* dans la lutte antiraciste

b) Reach Out: techniques d’empowerment face au racisme

c) Sudan Uprising: échange sur les possibilités de soutenir les mouvements progressistes à l’étranger depuis l’Allemagne

15 h-15 h15 pause

15 h30 résumé des ateliers

16h podium de discussion sur les succès de différents groupes auto-organisés dans leur lutte antiraciste
En soirée, à K19 (Kreuziger Str. 19):Le repas sera servi à partir de 19h sur les notes reggae-afroblues de DJ Kef.A partir de 21, musique live avec:- Luk & Truk (chanson queer feministe avec accordéon et loop station)- Hichem (hip-hop, freestyle)- Yasmin (rap)


10 years have to be celebrated!
In 2009 we started our relentless fight against racism and other forms of discrimination. We have fought against the Gutschein system, the new asylum laws, deportations, the Residenzpflicht, the harassment of the Ausländerbehörde, and many more.We have also informed, sensitized, advised and supported refugees and activists.We laughed a lot but also cried, we rarely kept silent, we always raised our voices, we often talked and sometimes we argued and sometimes we fought and 10 years later we are still here to continue the fight.All this was possible only thanks to the many activists who brought their strength to the corasol struggles as well as to the people who from far or near supported our work in solidarity. And it is with you that we want to celebrate the past years and the many years to come, *on Saturday, September 28, 2019*.While the day will focus on the content of our struggles with workshops and a discussion, the evening will be about fun and entertainment with food and dancing!
Over the day at Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (Franz-Mehring-Platz 1):

12 h coming together with tea and coffee

13h introduction and presentation of Corasol’s work over the last 10 years

14 h 3 workshops, take your choice:

a) Women* in Exile: women* in the antiracist fights

b) Reach Out: empowerment technics to face racism

c) Sudan Uprising: exchange about the possibilities to support progressist movements abroad while being in Germany

15 h-15h15 pause

15 h30 sumary of the workshops

16 h panel discussion about the succes of different groups in their antiracist fights
Over the night at K19 (Kreuziger Str. 19):Food will be served starting from 7 pm on the reggae-afroblues beats of DJ Kef.Starting from 9 pm, live music with- Luk & Truk (queer-feminist singer* and songwriter* with accordion and loop station)- Hichem (hip-hop, freestyle)- Yasmin (rap)Party with DJ*s:- Douala Mboma (afrobeats)- surprise guest

Repräsentant der mutigen „Ellwanger“ Flüchtlingsbewegung abgeschoben – Holt Solution sofort zurück nach Deutschland!


Von Freundeskreis Alassa & Friends

Samstag,  14.09.2019,  18:00 Uhr

Austine Solution Josiah ist sein vollständiger Name. Bekannt wurde er spätestens im November 2018. Damals sollte er bereits nach Italien abgeschoben werden. Nachdem der bundesweit bekannte Alassa M., Sprecher und führender Repräsentant der fortschrittlichen, demokratischen Flüchtlingsbewegung, im Juni 2018 politisch motiviert abgeschoben wurde, trat Solution in Deutschland gewissermaßen seine Nachfolge an. Solution war ebenfalls aktiv bei der selbstorganisierten Demonstration der Ellwanger Flüchtlinge am 9. Mai 2018 gegen den brutalen Polizeiüberfall am 3. Mai 2018 auf die LEA in Ellwangen. Am 18. August 2018 moderierte er die große Kundgebung auf dem Schlossplatz in Stuttgart, die der Auftakt des „Ellwangen Appell“ war, für den inzwischen über 23 000 Menschen unterschrieben haben ( In der Landeserstaufnahmestelle kümmerte er sich um den weiteren Zusammenschluss der Flüchtlinge im Kampf gegen ihre Kriminalisierung. Im November letzten Jahres sollte dann auch er abgeschoben werden. Der Freundeskreis Alassa & Friends organisierte 5 Tage lang eine nächtliche Mahnwache vor der LEA, machte eine breite Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und organisierte die Solidarität – die Abschiebung fand nicht statt. Solution wurde dann „straf verlegt“ in die LEA Sigmaringen und erhielt ein Hausverbot für die LEA Ellwangen. Angeblich würde seine Anwesenheit den „Frieden“ in der LEA Ellwangen stören! Was für ein Hohn. Beinahe jede Nacht kommt die Polizei in die Flüchtlingsunterkünfte um Abschiebungen durchzuführen. Baden-Württemberg mit seiner Landesregierung unter dem Grünen Ministerpräsidenten Kretschmann steht neben Bayern in Deutschland an der Spitze dieser unmenschlichen Abschiebepraxis und verbreitet damit permanent Angst und Schrecken unter den Flüchtlingen. Sie schlafen zum Teil kaum, in ständiger Angst vor Deportation. Wer stört also den Frieden in der LEA? Gegen dieses Hausverbot hat Solution daher Klage eingereicht.

Inzwischen hat Solution sich im Landkreis Göppingen in einer Flüchtlingsunterkunft eingelebt, lernt Deutsch, hatte ehrenamtlich an einem Radio Projekt mit gearbeitet, Freunde gefunden. Auch ihm machte das Leben in ständiger Angst vor Abschiebung zu schaffen. Trotzdem kämpfte er mit dem Freundeskreis Alassa & Friends für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge, gegen Fluchtursachen, interessierte sich immer sehr für die politische Entwicklung in Deutschland – nicht nur für die Flüchtlingsfragen.

In der Nacht vom 11.9. auf den 12.9., gegen 2.00 Uhr kam die Polizei in seine Unterkunft. Das Handy wurde ihm abgenommen – er konnte weder seinen Anwalt noch Freunde informieren. Jetzt ist er in Italien. Dort muss er auf der Straße leben – es gibt dort keine Unterstützung durch den Staat. Daran hat sich auch mit der neuen Regierung nichts geändert. Diese heuchelt Humanität, will aber ausdrücklich sämtliche von Salvini organisierte Dekrete der reaktionären Flüchtlingspolitik nicht aufheben.

Der Freundeskreis Alassa & Friends verurteilt diese reaktionäre Maßnahme durch Landes- und Bundesregierung und fordert die sofortige Rückholung von Solution nach Deutschland. Seine Anwälte haben entsprechende juristische Schritte eingeleitet. Die Verhandlung der Klage von Alassa M. gegen das Land Baden-Württemberg gegen den rechtswidrigen Polizeiüberfall am 3. Mai 2018 auf die Ellwanger LEA steht aus. Hierfür ist Solution zusammen mit vielen anderen ein wichtiger Zeuge. Soll seine Abschiebung der Auftakt sein zu einer größer angelegten Beseitigung von Zeugen? In jedem Fall soll sich mit seiner Abschiebung eines couragierten Kämpfers für demokratische Rechte und Freiheiten, für internationale Solidarität, für selbstorganisierten, überparteilichen Zusammenschluss von Flüchtlingen und aus Deutschland stammenden Menschen gegen die Rechtsentwicklung der Regierung und der bürgerlichen Parteien entledigt werden.

Der Freundeskreis organisiert dagegen die Solidarität, den Protest und kämpft um seine Rückholung nach Deutschland. Als Auftakt findet dafür heute eine Kundgebung statt, 18.00 Uhr Schlossplatz Stuttgart. Zur zahlreichen Teilnahme wird aufgerufen. Die Presse ist eingeladen. Auch in Albstadt Ebingen wird heute eine Kundgebung um 11 Uhr stattfinden.

Christine Schaaf (in Vertretung für Adelheid Gruber, Sprecherin des Freundeskreises Alassa & Friends, derzeit im Urlaub).