Billboard Purchase Agreement 2.1 These conditions apply to the contract between the company and the customer and are an integral part of the contract. 2.2 None of the terms confirmed, provided or contained in the terms of purchase, order, confirmation of the order, specifications or any other customer document constitute a part of the contract, unless the company accepts in writing or in accordance with confirmation.2.3 No changes to these conditions, order or contract. 2.4 Each order is an offer to purchase services subject to these conditions.2.5 The Entity may accept or refuse an order at its sole discretion. No order is accepted and no binding service obligation is established until the company has issued confirmation or the company has provided the services or warns the customer that it is ready to be executed at the time the contract is concluded. The refusal of an order by the company, including any communication that might accompany such a refusal, does not constitute an offer of acceptance.2.6 The company may submit offers from time to time. Quotes are invitations to be processed. They are not an offer to provide services and cannot be accepted.2.7 Marketing and other promotional material related to services are only very clear and are not an integral part of the contract. In this context, this may be the perfect time to sell your Billboard leasing agreement and realize its full potential. But what are the exact benefits of this practice, and how should you sell your lease to interested people? At 75media, we are certainly trying to enter into leases that are fair and that ultimately encourage sellers. For example, our contracts generally have a duration of seven to ten years, while they also have a three-year break clause. This is due to the complexity of selling your lease to experienced companies and OOH advertising brands, which often use long-term contracts and additional clauses that undermine the total value of your billboard. In particular, they must attempt to sell the property in question without technically owning it, while trying to negotiate with the purchasers without having the power to authorize, if necessary, the removal of the billboard.

By accepting this type of informed and long-term outlook, you can begin to understand the many benefits of selling your Billboard leasing in today`s market.