Framework Partnership Agreement Definition The Partnership Framework Agreement sets out the principles of the partnership between ECHO and humanitarian organizations. It defines the respective roles, rights and obligations of partners and defines legislation on humanitarian actions funded by DG ECHO. The parties are committed to jointly developing a quality partnership based on the following characteristics: DG ECHO is committed to maintaining a broad and diverse partnership based on the evaluation of different capabilities, the comparative benefits of responding to certain situations or circumstances, and the recognition of specific and diverse mandates that the international community has given to some of its partners. DG ECHO recognizes the essential and added role of non-governmental organizations in the delivery of humanitarian aid, their presence on the ground, their flexibility, their specialisation and the direct expression of active citizenship in the service of the humanitarian cause. Without prejudice to the effective date of this framework partnership agreement in accordance with Article 21.1, some partnership framework agreements will enter into force after the Commission has accepted the Humanitarian Organization`s request for a partnership. The Commission makes available to the applicant two originals of this signed Partnership Framework Agreement. This Partnership Framework Agreement is deemed to have been concluded and enters into force on the day the Commission receives an original signed and rendered by the applicant. The partnership established by this Partnership Framework Agreement is based on trust and respect for the objectives, principles and values defined in this Partnership Framework Agreement. The parties are committed to promoting and strengthening their relations and cooperation by ensuring that each parties know and respect the mandates, charters or statutes of the other, and by recognizing the specificity of the other`s contribution to humanitarian action. The parties play their part in implementing actions funded by the European Community that preserve their freedom and autonomy and assume their responsibilities. Confirm their partnership with the humanitarian organization and, if necessary, inform it of the revised monitoring mechanism and the funding threshold; As part of a good humanitarian donor approach, the Commission is committed to maintaining a diversity of partners and ensuring a flexible and predictable funding framework that pays particular attention to forgotten crises/needs.

Once the partnership agreement is signed, partners will be able to submit project proposals each year in response to the Humanitarian Implementation Plans (IRPs) published by DG ECHO.