Glasgow School Of Art Outcome Agreement


At Tāj Other formats All of our publications can be made available to visually impaired people in large print or Braille and can be made available in a variety of languages (see also Gaelic). Both services are free and can be provided by the communication team, Tel: 0131 313 6500 or Pare-Mail: View downloadable files To view Adobe PDF files, you need Adobe Reader. Download them for free on Adobe`s website. . With respect to the General Funding and Capital Financing sections in Schedule A of the CFS grant letter. Closed funding of controlled subjects, excluded in other internal reports, has been integrated. . The link below contains the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Outcome Agreement: Please note that the “Results Agreement Measures” table contains a summary of the CFS table based on best practices for publishing statistics. The full table was drawn up as part of the outcome agreement process, but only the summary table is displayed in the published document. Scottish Funding Council Outcome Agreement 2019-20 for Glasgow School of Art. Archived Information For announcements, outcome agreements, consultations, news, reports and publications, Council documents or commissions published before 2016, see the archived CFS documents.

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