Camps have always been part of the colonial system of oppression and apartheid

Please find below the sppech of the CARAVAN for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants at the demonstration on 25.06.2021 in Düsseldorf and in German via the shared link…

Isolation camps in the Federal Republic of Germany were first set up after the Second World War for the “guest workers”, later for refugees. They are an important part of the deportation machinery. They serve to wear down, isolate, control, stigmatise. They serve either to prepare for deportation or to subordinate people to a system of exploitation, after a residence permit has been issued. As if a paper would make us equal human beings!

In our 2008 “Manifesto against Deportation” we stated:
“In Germany there are different types of camps to keep people under control and break their will. The camp system is a complex system of racist segregation and social exclusion aimed at forcing refugees to leave the country. It exists to make us realise that we are not welcome. All the shelters, reception centres, deportation prisons, departure centres exist to separate us from society.

It is to prevent human-to-human relationships. The camp system is an old system used in the colonies, by the German NAZI terror, by Japanese fascism and other countries where fascist ideologies came into practice. Currently, the European Union and Germany as one of its core powers are expanding the camp system to outside the European Union, as in North Africa or in Eastern Europe, as in Ukraine. The expansion is aimed at keeping those fleeing misery out of Europe.”

The refugee tribunal against the Federal Republic of Germany, held in Berlin in 2013, also indicted the camp system:
“The FRG is accused of enforcing the system of isolation camps, thereby

  • deliberately isolating refugees in camps
  • Enabling violence against women and children in camps, traumatising refugees
  • putting refugees’ lives in danger by denying them medical care,
  • pushing humiliation through vouchers and food parcels. “

Today, isolation camps are officially called anchor centres, state reception centres, central accommodation facilities … in political correct language of manipulation. Their functions are the same, the isolation methods even more sophisticated than before.

Today, we are witnesses to refugees being held for years in inhumane camps at Europe’s external borders and exposed to disease and misery – in Greece, Italy, Spain or the Balkans.

We are witnesses to how the Federal Republic of Germany finances isolation camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey to keep us away from Europe. In this game with our lives, profiting from the exploitations and wars in our countries, the cost of our internment in the camps is calculated. It also makes clear the attitude of the governments and societies of Europe and the Federal Republic as to what they think of the superfluous of this earth.

But what can we do to protect our lives, our fundamental rights and our physical and mental integrity? What can we do to preserve our dignity?

The least we can do is to create common connections, present our situation to our communities and look for solutions together.

Break Isolation – shut down the isolation camps!

More info on the activities against isolation camps in 2021 in Northrhine Westfalia could be found here: