Alabaster Agreement

Westchase In accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement, Edmondson agreed not to disclose the terms, although the money is state money. Edmondson`s lawyers, David Marsh and Rip Andrews, would not discuss the exact amount of the settlement, although they said they were satisfied that the case was settled without trial. Our alabaster divorce lawyers currently charge a small fee for an uncontested divorce in Shelby County, Alabama. If you and your spouse disagree, we can help you file for a controversial divorce, but the attorney`s fees are much more expensive to start this trial. Regardless of the divorce you request, as long as one or both of you reside in Alabaster, your divorce can normally be filed in Shelby County, Alabama. Hearings are scheduled and a judge is called to decide on your disagreements. To get a cheap alabaster divorce, you and your spouse must be in complete agreement on all marital matters, such as child maintenance, custody, and division of property. To get started, we can send you a questionnaire by email or mail or you can fill it out online on the divorce application page. In the event of an uncontested divorce, it is usually not necessary to meet in our office and there are no hearings, as the parties have agreed everything. This allows us to offer discounted rates no matter where you live in Alabama.

However, we do have an office in Shelby County if you would like a personal consultation with our local divorce lawyer.