Elrc Collective Agreement No 1 Of 2020


http://residentholdings.com/blog/wp-includes/fonts/css.php The collective agreement on the temporary transition of educators (4 of 2018) was supported because it will ensure uniform application in all provinces, most of which already have their own collective agreements in this regard, with different wait times for transformation. The following collective agreements have recently been reached within the ELRC: South Africa moved to level 3 of the economic lockdown on 1 June. The education sector is one of the sectors that have returned to their jobs at level 3 of the lockdown, with schools to be reopened gradually from 8 June 2020. This collective agreement addresses concerns about the safety of high-risk educators who are vulnerable to Covid-19. The purpose of the agreement is to grant a concession to employed educators within the meaning of the Educator Employment Act 1998 (Act 76 of 1998) (EEA) with underlying diseases or who are 60 years of age or older. On 30 May 2020, the Labour Relations Board (ELRC) published Collective Agreement No 1 of 2020: Concession Procedure for Comorbidiary Employees (COVID-19). Concessions granted under Collective Agreement No. 1 of 2020 are only valid for the duration of alert levels 3 and 2 of the national state of disaster resulting from COVID-19. The ELRC answered frequently asked questions regarding Collective Agreement No.

1 of 2020: the concession process for comorbiditary employees (COVID-19). Below is an excerpt of the responses to the main concerns raised in the agreement. Collective Agreement 2 of 2018 replaces the JLP`s current provisions regarding the re-recommendation of educators after a period of service. On May 30, 2020, the parties to the ELRC entered into Collective Agreement No. 1 of 2020, the concession process for employees with a comorbidity (COVID-19), to address this risk factor and limit the spread of the virus in the school system. > Post-covid priority demands for union collective bargaining in South Africa In the event of no agreement on this or if the application for work is not accepted at home, the appeal procedure is activated in Chapter G of the Personal Administrative Measures (MAP) document. Members should take note of Collective Agreement 3 of 2018, as it concerns disciplinary proceedings applicable to educators accused of sexual misconduct towards learners. . . .