Troll Gas Sales Agreement

allegretto Modifications to the installation are already underway to increase the flow capacity to 100mcm/d. On 19 June 1996, we acted as operator of Norske Shell`s Troll Gas, the gas having been commissioned in the first half of the same year, marking the completion of gas development. Contract deliveries of gas began flowing from the field to continental Europe on 1 October 1996 under the Troll gas sales agreements. The first deliveries under these contracts, which started on 1 October 1993, were made from our Sleipner Øst development in the North Sea. . Troll oil was only authorized in 1992 and Heidrun, discovered in 1985, suffered a large number of vicissitudes before obtaining the final authorization in 1991. But these long periods ultimately proved invaluable for the projects, as they enabled the use of advanced technologies and innovations. .