Protest against the inhuman conditions in the Refugee Camp in Herne

Monday, April 17, 2023 at 10am

Aufruf in Deutsch | Herne’den gelen mültecilerin çağrısı

Dear friends,
Refugees protested in the emergency shelter in Herne (NRW) because they can no longer stand the situation there. Tomorrow, Monday 17 April 2023, they will protest again at 10am. You can find their call below. Please spread their call and support them if possible.

Call of the refugees from Herne:
We are political refugees and live in a camp in Herne. In this camp there are practices that violate human dignity. From the lack of bread, the most basic need, to the lack of toilet paper and soap. Children and babies cannot sleep and the accommodation in tents leads to psychological problems. Noise, lack of anything that could be called privacy. No doors and blankets in the rooms. Food is very rural and sparse. Children don’t get anything to eat. Most people have been housed for three months in a camp that was supposed to be for a fortnight. We have started protesting to put an end to these conditions and we will protest tomorrow at ten o’clock. We need to make our voices heard and we need solidarity. The situation is really serious. It is an area where people with health problems, disabled children and newborn babies have to live.

Report from an inhabitant of the camp:
The place we are staying is not suitable for humane living. We are staying in a tent. We stay in rooms without ceilings. in the cabins. no one is sleeping. Children are not getting enough sleep. There is no special field. There is no playground for children. The light system is automatic like a prison. the food is very bad. Neither children nor adults are getting enough nutrition. No jigsaw supplies. some employees are racist. Everyone is mentally ill. This camp is made for a short stay only. several days. but there are people who have been here for three months. there are newborn babies in these conditions.. Anyway, we will share a more detailed text tomorrow. But we invite everyone to solidarity.