Greeting words in the talk with the GREEN Party

By Lampedusa

Members of the Green Party, Members of the Lampedusa in Hamburg group, the moderator, Ladies and gentlemen

With the pleasure of exception to be with you through this meeting. We are people with identity, we are Africans and we are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who lived and worked in Lybia until the unjust NATO war that paved the way for mass exodus of migrants to the shores of Lampedusa and Europe as a whole.

After nearly 4 years we are still living under abnormal human conditions. While in Italy, we went through a procedure of recognition, which means we all have residence permits in a European country. We are in Hamburg for 2 years now, our children have already enrolled into kindergarden. For 2 years we have cried, shouted and demonstrated enough alongside the people of Hamburg to change the government’s stance towards refugees, but the government is too adamant and refuses to talk to us or grant our demands. What a conspiracy of silence.

In June 2013 the government of Hamburg offered us “Duldung” in order for us to hand over our Italian papers. The offer was rejected, though a few did accept it. This has made our living conditions considerably …read more

From:: Hamburg

Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg

By Lampedusa

Open letter_250115_engl

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Landesverband Hamburg
Burchardstr. 21
20095 Hamburg

z.H. Katharina Fegebank, Antje Möller, Jens Kerstan

Open letter to the Green Party in Hamburg and their candidates

Dear Green Party of Hamburg,
dear Katharina Fegebank, Jens Kerstan and Antje Möller!

We, the group Lampedusa in Hamburg , have known you as our strong supporters since 2013 when we started our struggle.

We recognize your support and solidarity as one of the few political parties, who showed support for our struggle for human rights as refugees.

Because of this we are very happy to see that you mention our specific cause in you election program for the upcoming elections in Hamburg.

We wish you success in this election and hope that you will join the government of Hamburg in future. We have heard that chances are high that you will form a coalition with the SPD.

However, we know, that the SPD has never acknowledged our rights as a group. So we would like to ask you:

What will be your reaction, if the SPD continues to say NO to what you demand in your election program, which is a political solution for Lampedusa …read more

From:: Hamburg

Right to the City – Never mind the papers!

By Lampedusa


On December 13th, the party conference of the SPD Hamburg will take place at Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg. There, the governing party of Hamburg wants to adopt its program for the upcoming elections in February 2015. Up for election is a senate who thinks it did everything the right way. We disagree!

A lot of people are living on the streets or under terrible conditions in this city. Refugees who fled from war are excluded from social rights and declared as “illegals”. People have no right to work because they have the wrong papers, while employers profit from their unprotected status. The rents are rising and many people are pushed out of their neighborhoods.

Our demands are:

– A work permit for everybody who lives in Hamburg!

– The right of housing in humane living conditions – flats for everybody instead of “Lager”!

– The right to stay for all people who live in Hamburg – no more deportations!

We are all part of this city – we all have a right to the city. On Saturday and in the upcoming weeks we will raise our voices and put as much pressure on the senate as we can to change this refugee policy.

Saturday 13.12.2014
11 …read more

From:: Hamburg

Call for Donations Winter 2014

By Lampedusa

although the senate of hamburg continuously prevents and rejects any clarification process or method of resolution: the group „lampedusa in hamburg“ is still present in the city! their demands for work permit, the right of residence and the right to housing, remain valid!
Some of them are living in housing-projects, but most of the 300 persons belonging to the group, are homeless and still have no opportunity to make a living. for them the protest-tent at the steindamm remains the most important place for meetings, exchange of information and organizing.
To make it clear: to withstand the winter and the election campaign, the functioning of the tent is absolutely essential!
considering what each one of them went through since their enforced migration from libya – and considering what each one of them has achieved so far – the group lampedusa in hamburg still needs political, moral and practical support. they are here to stay!
lampedusa in hamburg urgently needs now:
for heating- and electricity-costs (per week: 65,-€ for gas, 30,-€ for petrol)
for permanently required medication and urgently needed public transportation tickets
for public relation work (prints and copies of information materials + lamination of the lamedusa-in-hamburg-exposition)
in-kind donations!
some sleeping bags
clothing: winter jackets …read more

From:: Hamburg

Program Emancipation Days

By Lampedusa

Lampedusa in Hamburg presents: Emancipation Days
Friday 10 to Saturday 11 October

Invitation to a debate on war – migration – democracy. Movements between Africa and Europe. Saturday 11 October 2 – 6 pm. Panel; discussion groups; plenary session at the Ex-HWP, Von-Melle-Park 9 (University)

Since more than 1 ½ year now, more than 300 migrant workers who had to flee from Libya because of NATO-intervention and persecution fight for the recognition of their Italian papers in Hamburg – the right to stay and work. There are elections in this town in February 2015. The Socialdemocratic Party may lose the general majority and need to go into a coalition (e.g. an alliance with the Green party). The Green party and the Left have positioned themselves on the side of Lampedusa in HH. Together with the refugees we should use the election-campaign to bring all those together who do not accept the strategy of ignoration the Senate is perceiving and create an atmosphere which makes this question to an essential:

No new government without a political solution for the people of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg!

This is a realistic aim. It needs the power of all of us – however, within a limited time-window. And: …read more

From:: Hamburg

17.09.14: Are the racist controls starting again?

By Lampedusa

Yesterday, Wednesday 17.09.2014, a racist police control took place at the Lampedusa in Hamburg Protest Tent. At 6 PM three police officers approached the tent and asked for a responsible person. B. then showed his Italian documents to identify himself as one of the members of group in charge of the tent. He was then temporarily arrested and his Italian documents were confiscated. He was given the order to go the foreigners office to apply for asylum.

We consider this an racist control against a member of our protest. This is a direct attack against the political struggle of our group Lampedusa in Hamburg!

Statement of B. after his release:

This was not the first time I was controlled. The first time was during a night shift at our protest tent. Four Germans came to the tent and threatened us with a weapon. We had to call the police which was very slow and only came half an hour later and did nothing. In the morning they asked me to come to the police station to testify as a witness. But they took away my papers, put me into jail and after some time drove me to Alsterdorf. I refused to apply for …read more

From:: Hamburg

Call for Demonstration: Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now!

By Lampedusa

More than 1 year of fighting is enough – we want ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ as friends, colleagues, fellow students, neighbours!!

Demonstration 5 July 2014 – 12.00 – Hachmannplatz, Hamburg-main station

Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now! Immediate work permission – right to stay e.g. via § 23

For these demands the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ fights for more than 1 year with uncounted public meetings, visits of schools, universities, neighbourhood-assemblies, churches, with demonstrations and other actions, recently with the Sit in on the place before the townhall, where 5 people were injured by brutal police-attacks and 7 people arrested. For these demands we demonstrated together in the 1 May-demonstration of DGB (council of the unions) and afterwards with a parade. Later that day, a former school-building in Laeszstraße was entered and declared to become refugee welcome centre, the Lampedusa in Hamburg-house.

Declaration of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg, June 2014:


> We want to use the house as a historical place of Lampedusa in Hamburg.

> We want to use the house as a symbol of Nato-War-Refugees.

> We want to use the house to show our professional and creative skills.

> …read more

From: Hamburg

Declaration after police brutality against our group

By Lampedusa

Police war against Lampedusa in Hamburg

On Thursday 5 June 2014 the group Lampedusa in Hamburg decided to make a peaceful demonstration with the aim of demanding our permission to stay and to work without relying on the German government. The group decided not to move and not to speak as a part of the demonstration. The reason for our silence is the fact that the Senate of Hamburg and the German government know our grievances.

The following is what we saw after the arrival of the police at our demonstration on Rathausmarkt:

  • The first police officers arrived at the scene and said they had come to protect us, the refugees from Lampedusa.

  • More police came and gave us three warnings to stop our demonstration and to disperse

  • After even more police arrived, they violently attacked us. Members of our demonstration were wounded and some were arrested and brought into custody.

  • Members of our group were beaten and brutalized by the police

We did not do anything to cause the police brutality and arrests. The government media produced negative reports against our group. To all this, the senator of has made our lives miserable here in Hamburg.

Lampedusa in …read more

From: Hamburg

Pressemitteilung zur Demonstration “Wir fordern unsere Arbeitserlaubnis!” – 31.05.2014

By Lampedusa

How long? Not long! Stop killing us. We are not here to die, we demand our rights now.

Hamburg, 30.05.2014. The group Lampedusa in Hamburg, Nato war victims and evidence of the war, has been on the street in Hamburg for over one year, without any concrete solution. During this political struggle we lost two group members: Samuel Mensah and Francis Kwame. They lost their life while fighting for their rights.

“A right delayed is a right denied.” Hamburgs authorites betrayed our fundamental human rights and dignity. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The regime in Libya was changed because of political and economical interests that brought chaos and a failed state. The German authorities must follow other european states by recognizing us as the unprecedented victims of war from Libya.

Today Lampedusa in Hamburg, which consists of more than 300 members, is once again on the street as a result of neglectance and ignorance by the senate of Hamburg. Our future is at stake, our psychological and traumatic stress is increased every day. But already more than 170 institutions, political groups and networks and a big solidarity supporting group proved to the world: …read more

From: Hamburg

Lampedusa in Hamburg calling

By Lampedusa

Demonstration Saturday 31st May 2014

Time: 1 pm – Meeting place: protest tent, Steindamm 2 (near main station)

– We demand our work permit –

Since we went in the city hall to explain our critical situation and to demand our rights one year has gone. The big support from the Hamburg citizens could help us just to survive but it also has its limits. The Hamburg senate is ignoring the many voices that demand a change of the discriminative and highly dangerous policies of the government.

Again and again our people get controlled, arrested and threatened with deportation to Italy.

Francis Kwame the eldest of our group died on 20th March as a result of the denial of his rights.

Enough is enough

We escaped from a war which was carried out in the interest of the NATO member states. First they said they will protect the civilians. After that the western media spread the propaganda lie of “Gaddafi’s black mercenaries”. We the workers of the country ran for our lives. We lost our brothers, we lost our sisters and all our property. Now we are in Europe. They said …read more

From: Hamburg

Pressemitteilung des Refugee Welcome Club

By Lampedusa

Hier die Pressemittleiung der Vollversammlung des Refugee Welcome Clubs, die am Samstag den 03.05.2014 erneut getagt hat.

Pressemeldung: 4. Vollversammlung des Refugee Welcome Center Hamburg

Am Samstag, den 3.5.2014 hat ab 13.00 Uhr in der Laeiszstrasse die vierte Vollversammlung der Nutzer/innen vor dem am 1. Mai eröffneten Refugee Welcome Center auf der Strasse getagt, weil die Polizei nach wie vor den Zugang verhindert. Es wurden Ziele und Pläne ausgetauscht und besprochen.

Die Gruppe Lampedusa in Hamburg, von denen eine abgeordnete Gruppe an den Beratungen teilnahm, hat sich bei ihren Supporter/inne/n, und den unzähligen Hamburger/innen, die bisher Essen, Kleidung, Zeit und Schlafplätze zur Verfügung gestellt haben bedankt und dabei ausdrücklich die Kirche und die Gewerkschaft verdi miteinbezogen.

Ein gemeinsamer Raum zum Leben, als Treffpunkt und zum Austausch in dieser Stadt, sei nach über einem Jahr auf der Strasse und abgeschnitten von jeder staatlichen Hilfe dringend notwendig. Dieses Haus würde alle lösungsorientierten Bedingungen erfüllen.. Es gebe kein einziges ernsthaftes Argument die Herausgabe zu verweigern.

Die Gruppe ist logischerweise erschöpft, sagte ein Sprecher, aber keines falls müde für ihre Rechte und die Rechte aller Refugees einzutreten. Das würde sich auch bei dem Freiheitsmarsch zwischen Strassburg und Brüssel zeigen, der mit Aktionstagen …read more

From: Hamburg

30th April: A Day for “illegal Workers”

By Lampedusa


Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner your whole life. “It’s better to die on feet than live on knees”. Francis Kwame survived the NATO war in Libya, He was an active member of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, but was denied and killed by the senate of Hamburg. He was traumatized and humiliated by the so called democracy in Hamburg.

Francis lived on the streets of Hamburg. He lived in melancholy and died due to the fact that Hamburg authority sincerely displayed a nonsensical and racist attitude to the rational demands of Lampedusa in Hamburg, which led most of the group members to live miserable lives on the streets of Hamburg. He died because of the lack of basic social care.

The death of this 56 years old witness of NATO war, has posed a message of new revolution to the group and the public. Until the group demands and request to live and stay in Hamburg become reality, we have to keep on fighting. Lampedusa in Hamburg is urging all people who understand the message and importance of freedom for humanity to come out on the 30th of April for the burial of Francis and …read more

From: Hamburg

Francis Kwame ist tot – Francis Kwame is dead

By Lampedusa


September 1958 – 20. März 2014

Francis Kwame war der Älteste der Gruppe “Lampedusa in Hamburg”. 20 Jahre lebte er in Libyen. Die letzten 10 Jahre vor dem Krieg arbeitete er für die deutsche Firma Berger.

“…Erst haben die Europäischen Kollegen gesagt, dass bald was passieren wird, und kurze Zeit später wurden sie von ihren Firmen aus dem Land geflogen. Die Afrikanischen Arbeiter wurden zurückgelassen. Drei Tage später habe ich 24 Einschläge von Missiles in Tripolis gesehen. Du hörtest sie kommen, dieses Heulen und dann die Detonation…”

Er hat die Bomben der NATO überlebt und die erzwungene Überquerung über das Mittelmeer nach Italien. Drei Jahre später stirbt er auf Hamburgs Stra

Erklärung April 2014

By Lampedusa

Reiht nicht unsere Namen in Eure nicht zu vergessene Geschichte.

Diese Worte mögen all diejenigen alarmieren, die immer noch eine tatsächliche Veränderung von dieser Demokratie erwarten und diejenigen, die glauben mit ihren akademischen Titeln und Bezeichnungen eine tatsächliche Veränderung erreichen zu können.

Wir laden die deutsche Gesellschaft ein, sich ihre eigene Lage unter den herrschenden Verhältnissen zu vergegenwärtigen: insbesondere aus gesellschaftspsychologischer Sicht, hinsichtlich der Zukunftsperspektiven der Jugend, der gro

Öffentliche Erklärung März 2014

By Lampedusa

Seit fast einem Jahr kämpfen wir in Hamburg für das Recht auf ein menschenwürdiges Leben nach unserer Flucht vor dem NATO-Krieg in Libyen. Seit drei Jahren ist uns jede Möglichkeit verwehrt, zu arbeiten und uns selbst und unsere Familien zu versorgen. Wir blicken zurück auf Jahre des Schwebezustands, zwischen der Hoffnung auf ein neues Leben und der kalten Realität der europäischen Gesetzgebung gegen Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen, die uns kriminalisiert, zu einem Problem erklärt und das Existenzrecht nimmt.

In Hamburg erlebten wir ein Jahr des Kampfes, zwischen überwältigender Solidarität der Menschen der Stadt und der Ignoranz seitens der Regierenden. Die politisch Verantwortlichen versuchen, die humanitäre Krise in ihrer Stadt einfach auszusitzen und der Öffentlichkeit zu erklären, da

Ein Jahr Lampedusa in Hamburg – Keine Ruhe dem Hamburger Senat!

By Lampedusa

Für den 1. März 2014 ruft die Gruppe Lampedusa in Hamburg zu einer Demonstration auf. Anlass ist der Jahrestag des Endes des als „Notstand Nordafrika“ bezeichneten italienischen Programms zur Aufnahme von Kriegsflüchtlingen aus Libyen, welches am 28. Februar 2013 beendet wurde. Die italienischen Behörden schlossen damals die Aufnahmelager und setzten die BewohnerInnen auf die Stra

Gezielte Festnahme von Mitgliedern von “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

By Lampedusa

[ Update 18.02. ]
Am Samstag, dem 15.02.2014, wurden zwei Mitglieder der Gruppe “Lampedusa in Hamburg” gezielt von ZivilpolizistInnen in Gewahrsam genommen. Am Dienstag kamen die beiden Betroffenen gemeinsam mit ihrer Anwältin und mehreren Unterstützer_innen ihrer von der Polizei verfügten Meldeauflage nach und forderten in der Ausländerbehörde die bei der Kontrolle eingezogenen italienischen Papiere zurück.

Die gültigen Papiere der Gruppenmitglieder konnte die Ausländerbehörde nicht zurück geben, da sie der Behörde noch nicht vorlägen. Stattdessen wurde die Meldeauflage bis nächste Woche Mittwoch verlängert.

…read more

From: Hamburg

Erklärung des Solidarischen Winternotprogramms für „Lampedusa in Hamburg“

By Lampedusa

Der Senat behauptet, alle Flüchtlinge der Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ seien entweder im individuellen Verfahren oder ausgereist. Das ist eine Lüge! Es gibt im Moment fast 40 private Initiativen, Gruppen und Wohnprojekte, die sich im Herbst entschlossen haben, Flüchtlinge aus dieser Gruppe zu Hause aufzunehmen. In jedem Schlafplatz schlafen mindestens vier, teilweise sogar 20 Personen. Über die im Winternotprogramm untergebrachten Menschen hinaus umfasst die Gruppe 385 Personen.

Wir standen im Herbst vor der Situation, dass der Senat den Flüchtlingen als einzige Option angeboten hat, sich individuell bei der Ausländerbehörde zu melden, um dort einen Antrag auf Asyl zu stellen oder humanitäres Bleiberecht zu beantragen. Der Senat wei